REDD+ partnership document as adopted 27th of May 2010
The REDD+ Partnership Document, which established the REDD+ Partnership at Oslo Climate and Forest Conference is available here.
Interim REDD+ Partnership Document Adopted at OCFC FINAL I

Public comment period on Draft Partnership Document April 28 – May 12
We would like to thank you all for your valuable contributions to the draft REDD+ Partnership Document. A revised, final version was adopted at the Oslo Climate and Forest Conference on May 27, 2010, and is available at the top of this page.

The engagement was impressive. Around 50 civil society organizations and indigenous peoples´ groups or networks signed about 17 submissions with constructive feedback and concrete text suggestions -  in addition to a number of submissions from researchers and the private sector.

We read all comments from countries and stakeholders and made them available to the core group of countries driving the process further as well as the general public. The group reconvened to discuss new versions of the document, based on the submissions, and agreed on a final text that was sent out for voluntary endorsement by countries ahead of the conference and adopted at the conference.

More than 30 countries worked intensively for more than a week after the deadline for public comments. There was a lot of discussions on how best to incorporate many of the inputs received. Countries were most appreciative for the constructive comments, and quite a few of the suggestions have been incorporated in the final text.

English: Draft Interim REDD+ Partnership Document I
Francais: FR Draft Interim REDD+ Partnership Document I
Español: ES Draft Interim REDD+ Partnership Document I

Comments received:

Organizations and networks:

The Nature Conservancy (TNC)TNC Comments on REDD Partnership.pdfI

Climate Action Network (CAN)CAN response to the draft REDD+ partnership.pdfI

Union of Concerned Scientists UCS_Response.pdfI

World Wildlife Fund (WWF)REDD+ WWF Feed-back on REDD+ partnership COVERLETTER.pdf I

World Wildlife Fund (WWF)REDD+ Partnership Document.pdfI

Center for Clean Air Policy (CCAP)CCAP Paris Oslo comments final.pdf I

Group Response from: Conservation International, Environmental Defense Fund, Natural Resources Defense Council, Rainforest Alliance, The Nature Conservancy, Union of Concerned Scientists, Wildlife Conservation Society, Woods Hole Research CenterGroupResponseDraftPartnership.pdfI

IUCN - International Union for the Conservation of NatureIPA partnership document comments.pdf I

Ecosystems Climate Alliance (ECA)ECA Review of REDD Partnership.pdf I 

Forest Peoples ProgrammeForestPeoplesProgramme.pdf I 

GreenpeaceREDD Partnership Paris-Oslo Submission.pdf I 

OroVerde - Tropical Forest FoundationCommentsOroVerde.pdf I 

French NGOs: members of Coordination SUD and/or the Climate Action Network (CAN) - France, the Fondation Nicolas Hulot, France Nature EnvironmentComments_Eng.pdf I  Commentaires_fr.pdf I

Global Witness, Le Centre d'Accompagnement des Autochtones Pygmées et Minoritaires Vulnérables, Papua New Guinea Eco-Forestry Forum, civil society representatives to the UN-REDD Policy BoardComments REDD+ Partnership Agreem-Global Witness CAMV EFF.pdf I

Alianza Mundial de los Pueblos Indigenas y Tribales  de los Bosques Tropicales, COICA - Coordination of Indigenous Peoples of the Amazon Basin, Fundacion Pachamma, Ecuador, Fundacão Amazonas Sustentável, Brazil, IPAM - Amazon Environmental Research Institute, Brazil

Recommendations for Interim REDD+ Finance from IPAM, the Woods Hole Research Center, Forest Trends, Global Eco Rescue, Tropical Forest Group, and IDESAM (with authors from EDF, Univ Colorado, and State of California)Interim_Finance_Recommendations.pdf I IPAM coverletter.pdf I

A global coalition of civil society, including members of the Accra Caucus Response to REDD+ Partnership Agreement AccraCaucus.pdf I


Dr.Shaju Thomas, Reader & Head, Postgraduate Department of Zoology Nirmala College, IndiaDr Shaju Thomas Comments.pdfI

Tim Cadman, Sustainable Business Fellow, School of Accounting Economics and Finance, Faculty of Business, University of Southern Queensland, Australia CadmanREDD+Partnership.pdfI

Annalisa Savaresi, Research Fellow, LLM, M.Phil, Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen,Denmark Annalisa Savaresi Draft Interim REDD+Partnership.pdfI

Claudia Romero (PhD), Affiliate Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, University of Florida, USACROMERO Comments to Draft Interim REDD+ Partnership Document.pdf I

Private sector:

Eric Bettelheim, Founder and Former Executive Chairman - Sustainable Forestry Management Ltd.Eric Bettelheim Comments to Draft REDD Proposal.pdf I

The Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BCSE), Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS), International Emissions Trading Association (IETA), and Carbon Markets & Investors Association (CMIA)Cover letter BCSE VCS IETA CMIA.pdf I Proposed amendments BCSE VCS IETA CMIA.pdf I

New Forests Oslo-Paris Partnership Agreement Letter from New Forests.pdfI

The Forest Dialogue Review TFD_Review_Investing_In_REDD_plus_May2010.pdf I 


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